Deep Blue Piano

to be alone          2FDAFC

Words Between the Wrinkles

Crinkled, crusted and tanned,
years have eroded over his parchment
leaving layers of regret.
His last words were barely legible;
scribbled painfully in penumbra blue,
expressing the ephemeral pleasures
he once embraced.
The quintessence of life,
his past was a Renaissance
craving creativity to survive.
His poetry played rhapsodies
and seduced nymphs to dance to his passions.
Immersed in words which can only whisper,
I feel his ethereal presence like a soft hush.
Ruminating beyond any imaginable realm,
I humbly yet desperately struggle
to comprehend the suicide of a tormented poet,
while still enraptured with the gifts he left behind.
Faded ink slowly evaporates out of a life
which became a paradox of words between the wrinkles....









the bottom of an ocean

trillions of sun-glittered diamonds
saturating every contour of her footprints...
each tiny step leading her into
translucent aqua, cloudy cerulean, and the
bliss of blinding midnight...

banners of blue carpeting the depths
of the ocean, stairwell to the sea...

plagued pages inside her unlocked diary
stained in blank teardrops
left behind for no one to read...

"there are no words to describe
my unbearable pain"



Granite, Gravity and Ghosts

We were all mesmerized by him.
His magic and mania were one in the same.

His inflated perceptions,
oblivious to being ordinary.

His laughing seemed to
intensify over the years.

Eddie, the good-looking bully,
fleeing from life with a fast car.

Feeling the charge from a full-mooned midnight,
he sped through the twisted trails of his life;

trapped inside some lavishly landscaped apartment haven
stacked with boulders and beer bottles.

Darkness mourns its inevitable momentum.
Piles of unbalanced, rickety rocks

decorated his way,
hardened by years of cruelty.

Heavy, painful and apparition-like,
the ghosts of his past,

were hovering just above the roadside.
Did you remember me, Eddie?

I wasn't laughing.
Your chest crushed; in an instant.

Those tricky turns,
but you always knew your way around didn't you?


to be alone


"There are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they've just left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there's nothing but empty space and silence."

~from the movie Someone Like You~

silent celebration

he laid his body flat against the earth
senses so heightened every blade of grass beneath him

poking at his lucidity

freight trains dragging heavily over click-clack iron rails

board after board bolted between the tracks

box cars painfully pulled over endless miles

children laughing, swings squeaking

birds flapping wings rustling leaves as they take flight

restless robins sending their signals for rain soon to fall

cars swishing by

huge truck wheels pounding over potholes

jets rumbling through the clouds

eerie sirens soon fade into nothing

thunder clapping, wind wishing out loud

his eyes fixated on dissolving cloud formations

the sounds of life, noisy never-ending
his soul celebrating in silence to be alone.


Books Unread Stories Untold

Hidden behind every word
a human being crouches
afraid to speak.
Their life like a dangling participle
reaching out awkwardly; misinterpreted.
all the words,
which so easily skip by
misguided eyes,
are the hiding places
for millions upon millions of lives
with stories untold.

the other person

i am the prickly weed ruining your garden

the stinging sleet blowing sideways against your cheek

inclement weather wearing down your determination
i laugh as you hopelessly walk against the wind

pushing and pulling in the wrong direction
turning life inside out

i shall always be with you to party on...

Questions Never Answered - Answers Never Questioned

I came to a fork on Bipolar Bliss Road.

A signpost read: Take this way to Sanity
and that way to Insanity.

"My goodness", I chuckled.

There can never be a road to sanity
simply because it's insane.

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