Deep Blue Piano

The Quiet Piano...


may i be excused

i do not like this jacket
deliberately designed to repel the rain
it refused to roll up comfortably
behind my nagging neck pain
on a flight to nowhere
skidding on a rainy runway;
i left the jacket behind......

deep blue piano

"i play from my heart
not from a line of perfectly written timed notes
on a music sheet...
my heart skips beats all too often
and thus my music is truly imperfect "



The Commonness

She is a harbor.
Where meanness rolls in
to replenish its tirelessness.

Plucking, sucking, 
swaddling itself
wearing her stolen feathers.

Its appetite aroused
agony hoists its anchor,
unkindled from her kindness.

Having fed off her barren wasteland,
The Commonness
harbors on...




Amid the Golden Light

randomly you

here and gone
lighter than night
brighter than light
a clueless clue
demising the dawn
blinded with sight
falser than true
penniless in pawn
forever in flight
lost in the blue
randomly you...

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