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Play for Me Angel

Somewhere in Time

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Forever Memories of You    [4:57] 

Viagens de Portugal              [4:29]  

Play for Me Angel                   [3:43] 

Amid the Golden Light          [3:07] 

Cava Bien                               [2:23]  

Ants                                          [3:18] 

Many Moods                           [4:39]   

A Hug Goodbye                      [5:17]

Lost in the Mist                      [4:15] 

To Be Alone                           [3:53] 

Kevin's Song                        [3:20]










when the bricks were still red
and the world was wee

i wish you could have joined me
to know all the things i never said

because butterflies are free
and i always wondered
where you might be

kind and gentle man
let's go back if we can

the bricks are still standing


 the veins of desire

moving freely
phasing through the trails of my mind
flow my menacing fluidity
just enough to make ripples
sweet sensual soaking
in our tub of tides
proceeding receding
our bodies
into bliss....



Sprinkled with shadowy theoretical thoughts
somewhere between abstract and figurative,
I have designed luminated bodies;
keeping vigil on orbiting satellites.
A burning star flaunts flame-coloured beams,
planetesimal among the atmospheric landscape.
Happy perky people seem terrene
in a jungle partially deranged.
Slumped in a sagging lawn chair,
swallowing from grandiose tupperware,
peering with Palladian eyes; a maladjusted moon.
Is the far side just like the near side?
Intrigued; my mind wandering in lithium,
eau-de-nil hot breeze grasshoppers buzz
in a refraction of sound,
asinine among sky-high pensive ponderosa pines.
The dark side facing the wrong way; obscured,
my disorder closes out everything extraneous.
A mosaic arranged in higgledy-piggledy moods,
nightingales sing sweet in the golden mean....


yellow stains on cement

a home nestled over my door
mama bird's ingenuity
tangled up with twigs
scraps of paper, leaves and manmade garbage
papa bird guards while mama soars off scavenging

people's paranoid fears
overlooking the freedom of a family's nest
fearful of a tiny germ-infested creature
belting away a bird's intricate basket with a broom
reminiscent of american families losing their homes

i marveled at the tediously woven work
witnessing survival morphed to 'momentary'
as moody nevada winds whistled harshly
speckled sparrow eggs spattered in vain
a life within spilled out from under wishful wings

peering down at broken shells
yellow stains on cement
i felt a sparrow's sadness
as fractured pieces of a family remained
mama let the wind lift her high in the sky


in a smokin' shack on the wisconsin border

he slumped in a teary-eyed kitchen
stirrin' screw drivers in sync

the music kept his vodka twirlin'
chasin' down drink after drink

sweet dribblin' oranges squirtin' spray
cracklin' ice cubes chillin' warmer
than the jittery january day

and there just ain't nothin' better
while a heart is bein' swept away
spinnin' "the thrill is gone"

lovin' the feelin' of his favorite song play













slightly yellow

after the day died somewhere in her chores
no, she's not like those hookers and whores
powder-puffing her pores in raspberry rose
well maybe it's her clothes
smearing gleamy-glossy mauve
all over her dreamy mouth
sipping on a glance from mr. suave
men treat ladies well in the south

her lemon martini, slightly yellow

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