Deep Blue Piano

Send Me the Rain          2FDAFC

Stay for a moment longer as the song unfolds...Please let the thunder subside. Send Me the Rain is not on any CD so enjoy it!

the umbrella

it rained on tuesday
washed the blues from my jeans
and made me thirsty for another taste of heaven

hungry for breakfast
i settled for the smell of yesterday
and hoped for the fresh aroma of tomorrow

my only conversation
was born in a grumbling belly
filled with bubbles of emptiness and pain

i discovered that hope collapses and folds
like a cheaply made umbrella
annexed by harshly changing winds

and i wondered if i would die
on a tuesday blessed with rain
and if the umbrella would hold up

one last time



Eyes; engraved onto Swiss opaline parchment,
an odd silvery blankness waits for its miracle.
Somewhere scribed into the fibers of time; we touched.
Distinctiveness, individuality and artistic nature,
fingers eloquently forming each letter of life into
kaligraphia; writing bleeding in india ink
ready to trace our seamless contours and curvaceous
silhouettes begging to be bound into elegant
Eons of particles from life flutter over empty pages
pleading to be written upon.
Libraries torn down, too far for our fingertips,
as the heavenly fragrance of freshly pressed paper
and ink is lost to the hum of electronics...
But; I so needed to reach You.
My dribbled ink spots on the pages of our lives
covered, bound...stacked along dusty shelves,
book after book.
The weight of my words destined to collapse
into the mouths of Megabytes
munching away at our human remains......


God Save The Queen

As the desperate dashes of dismay
fumble between now and never;

the missing echo of children at play
predict the dwindling bonds that will sever.

Four years is a tiny taste of time,
peppered with doom and despair.

Even though these words still rhyme,
in the end no one will care.

Bundles of tiny tubes set apart,
Portrayed within a mosaic of strife;

we have failed without our heart.
A bee's eye distinguishes pieces of life.













send me the rain


a tiny, belittled bed
my only refuge
tattered sheets
my sheer protection

wee-hour clarity
overwhelmingly wide awake
mosquitoes buzzing like blaring sirens
become warning signals...

i dare not sleep
an echo from afar
i pray the Lord
my soul to keep

the softness of angels barely there
begging me not to weep
comforted the coming reality
while i counted sheep

the edge of life literally dangling
i pleaded for the courage to leap
climbing to heaven
no matter how steep

air coming in and out of his nostrils
sneaking up the stairs
growing more fearsome
like thunder from an approaching storm

"Breathing", please pass by my door
it is shut terrifyingly tight
so dreams of innocence
shower me with hope in morning's light

teddy bear clenched
sweet and pure
merely a child
sleeping in the night

my door opens
his breath upon me
merely a chlld
weeping in the night



bits and pieces

fragments are fragile
how decrepit they become
after time erodes them away

looking back
the hardest thing to do
is to remember my dreams

when i filled the time
ahead of me
with hope


i took a walk to the oldest part of town
looked around
my dreams were there

bits and pieces


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