Deep Blue Piano

Deep Blue Piano...


there is a fascinating all-knowing wisdom behind a cat's eyes...

ever spend time watching how a cat prowls?

their moves are precise

elegant, like a graceful ballerina

their sensitivity is easily felt

by those of us who are open to their brilliance

no one can truly explain how cats are able to purr

yet everyone knows the magic of their delicate vibes

a cat slides against our legs

over and over, not just to touch us
but to connect with our souls
licking our fingers; their tiny pink prickly tongue
tickling away our pain

i could gaze upon a cat for hours

entranced by its every move

there are people who are highly attuned to animals

and i consider myself lucky when i meet someone
who is autistic and innately aware of the beauty animals behold

my son kevin is ever so calm and comforted

in a cat's presence

he respects animals, appreciating their importance,

so desperately needed on a planet assaulted by people

this page is dedicated to kevin

and his beloved cat named 'china'

china will always be with kevin

in his heart, his soul, and the spirit
guiding him through the many challenges
he must face...china is part of him

and from the moment kevin first held this beautiful creature
i knew kevin would be very wise
and most importantly filled with a love
one could never experience in human terms...

shhhhh...i can hear the quiet of china

Kevin's Song
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